Wednesday, September 26, 2012

高さ; 身長; 高地; 標高

 高さ; 身長; 高地; 標高

Jack cooking his own birthday dinner Sunday night at Atomi! Please do not contact CFS, for we obtained the proper work release form prior to his performance! We used bactine for the minor burns he received while he was doing fire bombs for our entertainment! Man I didn't realize how hot those hibachi grills can get...
All joking aside, we had a great birthday weekend with Jack! Our special guests..MeMe and Grandad came in for the fun as well! We hated to see them leave however our recycle bin had had enough! It was overflowing with 8 oz water bottles and the Houston Chronicle newspaper thanks to Grandad!


  1. He looks like he has the hang of it! Are you hiring him out? We have a few birthday dinners coming up.


  2. Anonymous6:34 PM

    What a great weekend! Lots to celebrate. Big Birthday, new jobs, and being together! Thank you for everything. Love you all lots, Mom

  3. Ha! Lisa I'm sure he would love to do that for you!!
    Mom it was a fantastic weekend...we miss you both so much already. Come back soon!


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