Thursday, August 09, 2012

Distracted by Paper Source...

I was so excited about taking Ryan to her stationary making class yesterday at Paper Source that I forgot to post my eighth day shoe selection! Scroll to the end to see one of her cards she made...

Day 8 

Found these in downtown Chicago a couple years back right after we ran into The Jonas Brothers in our hotel lobby...These are lifers!

Day 9

Ryan's notecard from yesterday's class

Check out your nearest Paper Source store if you haven't already. But I'm warning you that it is somewhat addictive...


  1. After speaking to Ryan, Sofia insisted on going to Paper Source. She spent a lot of $$$ in that place! It was amazing. I can't wait to back.

  2. Isn't it though Lisa? Love it...although most of their crafting supplies you can get at Michaels/Hobby Lobby love the store!!


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