Thursday, August 23, 2012


Day 23

These caught my eye at Nordstrom about 3 years ago. I absolutely love them but can you believe I have never worn them? It's true...No I will not be wearing these around the house today or walking in them to meet the teacher night at school. I will promise you that I will be  daydreaming about wearing them somewhere fabulous...someday!


  1. I have nearly these exact shoes!! I bought them in Vegas a few years ago, and wore them home on the plane (because they wouldn't fit in my overstuffed already luggage!) and I haven't worn them since! But I stare at them in the closet, and think maybe someday I will have somewhere to wear them that doesn't require much walking!!! =)

  2. LOVE THEM!!!

    And if you lived here in the Big D they would totally be appropriate for meet the Teacher night ;) So where you barefoot today then?

  3. That's awesome Erica! Mine are comfy just never seem to have anything to wear them with in the summer!

    Karen...I wore boring flip flops today :( I figured nobody wanted to see another pair of my flip flops! I have a ton of them...way more comfy walking to the kids school last night!!!

  4. Ok, other than the Tory Burch I think these might be my fave. I love this color blue! You have the best taste in shoes. When you are tiny, heels are essential. I told Andrew this year I will be wearing heels more often and drinking that order. :-D


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