Thursday, July 12, 2012

Welcome to the Club...

The 40 club that is...
Here's a few pictures of the past two days...
Pre-birthday at Mark's favorite...Lupe Tortilla

His mom and Team Clayton came in for two days of celebrating!
Birthday dinner at Kenzo...hite!

His favorite dessert...Pazooki! Cool candles huh?

How about this on Mark's birthday-
Crazy right?

Who would have thought that after seeing this movie back in 1985 that you would be where you are now? Two kids, a wife, and a 9 lb malti-poo livin' the dream! Here's to enjoying the next 40 years with you!


  1. Kristin powell5:32 PM

    Happy happy birthday, mark!!

  2. Love the BTTF reference!!! Happy Birthday to Mark!!!!


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