Monday, July 30, 2012

Houston we have a problem...

Starting the week off with a few technical difficulties. Not quite as serious as Jordyn Weiber not qualifying for the Women's gymnastics all-around last night but pretty serious...

We came home Saturday night to a hot hot house. I went to check the temperature and our control panel was completely blank. This happened last August-August 11th to be exact because I kept the paperwork from when they were here. Love how major household malfunctions seem to occur during the weekends.

It is so hot in our bathroom that my coconut oil melted..
Here take a look at it!

coconut oil

At least the kids are cool as cucumbers since the upstairs A/C is working just fine.  Yes, we could have slept up there but we thought this would be good preparation for hurricane season if we toughed it out downstairs.
Here's to a good week. Send cool thoughts this way just in case A/C doesn't get fixed today and Jack starts football practice this week.

Go Saints!

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