Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cabinet Chaos

As of last night my dishes have dwindled faster than my silverware has. Awhile back I mentioned how I only have 6 regular size spoons left out of twelve. Seeing that my silverware is going on 14 years I guess that really isn't too bad.

But my dishes are probably around two years old.

 Notice anything different, out of place, missing perhaps???

The dishes that were on the empty shelf went here

and here

and here

The pictures don't do the mess I had on my hands justice.

Around 9:00 last night-yes 9pm I was dealing with this -I reached up to get a bowl down for Jack and within two seconds I had lost 4 cereal bowls, 9 appetizer- dessert plates (my favorite from C&B) and 9 glass prep bowls. The shelf came crashing down and I was standing in a sea of broken glass not to mention that Ryan & Jack were too. 

Two things were going through my mind...
1.  So thankful that it wasn't  one of the kids getting the bowl down
2. So thankful that I had wine in the fridge

There was glass EVERYWHERE even on the living room rug which is about 20 feet from my cabinet. I'm sure I will be finding shards of glass for weeks to come. 


Hopefully Crate & Barrel has a dinnerware sale soon...

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  1. Not funny, but I did get a chuckle about having wine in the frig! Thinking about you!


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