Monday, April 09, 2012

This is how we spent Easter...

This year we decided to spend Easter weekend in Florida. Even better that the Smiths and Loys were there!
Here's a few pics of what we did...

Safari putt putt golf-their favorite course in Naples!

La Playa...favorite place for sunset, s'mores and cocktails with great friends. 
Stacy I need the group pic!

Kiddos back together again...

Crab cakes at Swan River..btw they are broiled! My favorite along with the crab cakes at 
Gibson's in Chicago.

Always love spending time at the beach this time of year (sure wish you could have been there mom and dad) and we checked off all of our fun things we like to do when we're there in three 1/2 short days! Even caught a movie, spent a day at the beach and did a little shopping.  We had so much fun the kids didn't even notice that we didn't dye eggs this year. Oops...


  1. Great way to spend Easter! Love the pics! Love and miss your faces!

  2. Brenda Hill9:28 PM

    Luv the pic's Gert! The kids look great! I can't believe how big Jack has gotten. Hope ya'll are doing well. Misses you lots! Tell Mark we said hi. - Bean


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