Friday, March 09, 2012

Do it yourself

homemade cork craft skills required.
these are my favorite crafts to do plus it was pretty cheap compared to buying a new one.

items needed:
old picture frame
can of spray paint/optional
cork board...duh
ring clips

we painted the picture frame white with spray paint we already had...

ring clips secure the cork on back. our cork was too thick so we had to use these to hold the cork in place. luckily, mark already had the clips from a screw caddy that betty mcneill gave him for christmas 11 years ago!

 any craft store sells cork in different sizes. i saved money by using hobby lobby's 40% off coupon.

ryan's new cork board
she loves it and we love that it only cost $12.00 to make.


  1. It looks great! Nice work!

    How's that tablecloth coming???

  2. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Love it! Mom

  3. ya...tablecloth...well sewing machine is still on desk. after our trip i'll be getting down to business with sewing and getting my blog under control! of course with your help!


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