Monday, February 13, 2012

Starting off the week right...

I know I know before you even say it. But believe me when I say that it tastes a lot better than it looks.

My sweet neighbor gave me this green smoothie recipe and I tried it for the first time today. 
DON'T smell it....just drink it and you'll be surprised. 
Here's how:

3 handfuls of spinach
1 pear
Handful of blueberries
splash of Pom juice

Blend it all together
Let me know what you think or if you have an easy green smoothie recipe.


  1. Yum!! We LOVE the green smoothies around here--and we agree-- they taste MUCH better than they look!

    I've been doing this favorite lately:
    handful of frozen grapes
    frozen strawberries
    cup of plain yogurt
    handful of blueberries

    I try to buy the berries/grapes fresh and freeze them, because then it makes it a nice "smoothie" consistancy after it's blended up.

    I also bought some "Life's Basice Plant Protein Powder" that has Barley grass, spirulina, wheat grass, chlorella, alfalfa, red beets, and broccoli in it at Whole Foods. You add 2 scoops of it to the blender and it seems to keep us full longer--and I think depending on what other fruits you have in the mixer makes it all taste a little like ICING. (Not kids beg for this "green drink" like it's dessert or something!)

  2. 1 Cup of Plain Greek Yogurt
    1 frozen banana
    1 TBS peanut butter
    1 cup milk (whatever kind you like soy, almond etc)
    1/2 cup ice cubes
    (optional)1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I use Jay Robb but any kind will do)
    You can add honey if you like a little sweeter smoothie.

    Fill the remainder of the blender with spinach. Blend until smooth.
    YUMMY. THE PB really fills you up.


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