Monday, February 20, 2012

brother in the house

It has taken me almost two months to get my brother out of the box! brother sewing machine that is!  This is one of my favorite Christmas gifts and I can't wait to get started. I have to be hearts racing a little bit just looking at this machine that has taken over Mark's side of the desk. Not sure what my first project will be...might need to look into a sewing 101 class!
Here she is

 Ryan has told me over and over again this year that I'm not an "Arts & Crafts" mom and I have to agree with her. No I am not---my sister was the lucky one who inherited that gene but I guess it's never too late to try.

Here's what we crafted this weekend

Fluffy Flip Floppies

Might need to trim them down a little so you can see her toes! So easy to make and fun for her to wear!


  1. What have you been waiting for?!? Finish your tablecloth already and let us know how it looks! :)

    Flip flops are cute!

  2. Cheers for you! I fear the needle and thread!


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