Sunday, February 26, 2012


Ryan turned ten last week 

and with that we added two more to our team.

That would be Oscar & Delilah-
her hermit crabs...

  She absolutely loves them and I love the beautiful, sweet, well-mannered, caring, funny and dramatic little girl she has become. I couldn't be more proud of her. The next ten are probably going to go even faster than the last so Ry Bray we have a lot of memories to make before you start your own adventure.

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  1. So nice to meet Oscar and Delilah! Are they allowed out of they're cage? Does Junie mingle with them?

    So glad Ry had a great birthday. Can't believe she's 10!

    I'd like to know more about the teeny tiny moustaches that you can see in the bottom of the picture. They seem right up my alley.



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