Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Once Again

Vance & Jack = trouble and lots of fun!
Jillian & the birthday girl!
Grandad assisting with the candle blowout-hope he made a wish too!
Little Vaughnie in seventh heaven!

As of yesterday afternoon when meme and I delivered mini iced longjohn's to Ryan's class her birthday is officially over. These are the last batch of birthday pictures that I will post.


  1. Glad Ry had a great birthday! You've celebrated a ton and I'm sure you're glad it's over! How will you top this for next year?!? Ry's a lucky girl to have such awesome parents!

    Wow, not even a credit for all these pictures? Did you just get them? I sent them on the 21st. I've been having some email issues, just seeing if they were floating around for the past 3 days.

  2. Who knows for next year! I had so much fun though I wouldn't mind going back! Hee Hee! She said she's already saving her money for the 2011 doll!

    Sorry for not giving you a credit for the pics-I really appreciate it. I was rushed doing my post today...wanted to get it in before the kids woke up.

    Thanks again for the pics! -I'm sure I received the email whenever you sent it. This morning was the first time I really sat down and went through my emails.

  3. Anonymous7:24 AM

    My birthday is this weekend. I hope I get a 7 day celebration as well.

    the mayor


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