Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Healthy Hair

Last week on my flight back home from Phoenix I sat next to a girl who I'm pretty sure was addicted to shopping from Guthy Renker. She buys it all but what really sparked my interest was a shampoo called wen that she buys and just loves. We really didn't get into detail about it but I just saw an infomercial on Wen Healthy Hair Care System and now I'm curious to see if it will  give my hair that shine and volume that it is promising. Another reason I want to buy it is because the creator of this product is CHAZ from FLIPPING OUT and you all know how much I love that show and Jeff Lewis. 
So has anyone used this product and if so please give me some feedback about it!


  1. I saw that infomercial and am convinced I have the same hair as in the "before" pictures! I need it!

  2. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Things to do: Order Wen Hair Care System- Check

  3. Did you order for us too?

  4. That would be a great stocking stuffer wouldn't Sis?

  5. Why, yes it would!

    But, if it were to be a before Christmas gift, we all could have rockin' hair for the holidays!

  6. Don't forget about Aunt Dee!!!


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