Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Home Run Derby

Jack bringing home the motherload from his two trips to the team store...
Uncle Jeff holding Jack up to see the home run action...

Jack finally getting his foam cardinal foot!

He was on cloud 9 when he came home from the derby last Monday night. He couldn't wait to show Ryan all of his souvenirs he brought back for him and her! You are a lucky boy Jack a Roo! Uncle Jeff & Aunt Stephanie can I have a special night out with you too?


  1. Anonymous8:36 AM

    nice job updating the blog!

    the mayor

  2. Hi Charity,
    This is Margaret Hanzel from Liberty Illinois (alias Dewey and Margaret). I've been meaning to get on your blog for some time but am new to this. I'm suprised I actually found it. Kids look like they're having a great summer! And yes, they grow up too fast. Olivia starting 7th grade - my baby :( I'll tune in for visits and to say hi now that I know where to find you.

  3. Hi Margaret!
    I'm so glad you visited my blog! We are having a great summer and it is going by to fast! Mark enjoyed seeing you and your family last week. Tell Dewey and your kids hi for me and enjoy the rest of your summer!


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