Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I'm back

We survived the 4th this year without any horrific firework accident and can you believe that I didn't take ONE picture the entire weekend? I'm so mad at myself....have to remember for next year. We spent the day at the pool-kids had a great time with all of the games and activities they had for them. The 15 cotton candy's that the kids inhaled also made for a great day! . Mark even won the belly flop contest...has a couple of war wounds and a three day headache to show for it. The two free beers he won was so worth it...

Ryan has Kids Kamp all week...she looks forward to this camp all year long. She will be spending the week golfing, playing tennis, swimming and all sorts of fun stuff. So Jack and I are doing a little bonding this week. Today we went to get his school supplies for pre-school! I always loved going school supply shopping...can't wait to take Ryan next week when Jack is at camp.

Have to sign off-Junie B. is standing at the door...maybe this potty thing is starting to click with her.

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