Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Here it is ....Mark's jersey painted on the outfield wall at Nat Buring baseball field at Memphis University! It's hanging w/three other baseball greats - Bobby Kilpatrick, Mike Paxton, and Dave Anderson. It was nice that they honored Mark-he had a pretty good run when he played there! I believe he still holds a lot of single season records. It was a quick trip down to Memphis but we packed a lot in for being there such a short time. Mark and Jack watched two baseball games while Ryan and I went and did our "girl" thing. I always enjoy going to Memphis-good friends and good eats! Didn't make it to Graceland...maybe next trip!


  1. That is so cool. Congratulations, Team Little!!

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  3. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Congrats Mark! Maybe someday I'll paint your jersey on the 'Guitar Hero III' wall of fame!!


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