Saturday, February 02, 2008

Business as usual

It's official that I am another year older. My birthday has come and gone....and it was business as usual around here. I worked out (thought it would make me feel better-it back fired), cleaned, did laundry and just hung around the house. Dad was brave enough to enter the germ zone here without a mask and joined us for dinner. Mark made lasagna and had a DQ ice cream cake for me. I received a lot of nice presents and cards which is always nice. Mark and I ended the night with a viewing of Friday Night Lights and we were in bed at 10! Exciting huh?

Ryan is feeling better-she is now taking azithromycin. She went back to the doctor for a couple more tests yesterday and they came back negative. I'm feeling better today-still stuffed up. Tonight I'm going to double my intake of wasabi at the drunken-fish. I'm banking on that to clear my head so I can start getting some stuff done around here. Too much to do to be under the weather.

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