Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ryan Bray Update

Ryan saw Dr. Didriksen yesterday. They tested her for the flu which came back negative. Her ears looked great so that was good news. She said her throat was a tad red but probably from her cold that she has w/her HIGH fever that won't seem to break for 4 days. She looked in her nose which looked a mess and said her runny nose is soon to come. Great. So if she still has a fever on Friday I have to bring her back in for another test. Great-another $25 dollars for an office visit.

I hope the Doc is right in just thinking it's a cold. She was up at midnight w/a 104.3 temperature again.

Will keep you updated on today's activity. Thank God Jack can go to school today........


  1. Hope she starts feeling better soon. How are you feeling? Get any studying done last night?

  2. Hope Ryan gets to feeling better soon!

  3. Happy Birthday, Old Girl!


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