Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Zoo Fun

Aunt Dee and I packed up the kids today and headed to the zoo! We were driving over this morning, listening to my celebrity dirt on 107.7, and MJ used a colorful term describing someone as a stupid b!@#$. Guess who picked up on his term? Yep, Jack a roo-That was the next set of words out of Jack's mouth! Oh, I hope he has forgotten it by now! Aunt Dee & I did everything we could to hold in our laughs! It was a beautiful morning and we saw a lot of animals. Jack and I liked the penguins, Ryan liked the donkeys, giraffes, & penguins and Aunt Dee like the Cheetahs. We even saw the baby elephants dusting themselves-I have never understood why animals love to clean themselves in the dirt! We finished with lunch at the Boathouse in Forest Park. Love that place-next time we're going to take a paddle boat ride on the lake!

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