Monday, June 25, 2007

Wii has arrived!

Oh my gaa-Wii is going to give us a lot of family fun and soreness!!!! My arm is so sore today I can barely pick it up. If we don't answer the phone or door, there's a good chance that we are huddled downstairs playing Wii. Don't be scared and come give it a try!


  1. is it not the most fun game ever!! we absolutely love it! my fav is the bowling. I have also heard that the boxing is a really good workout, it's basically like taebo.

  2. Do you have one? Tennis is my favorite so far and by the way-arm is still sore!!!!

  3. no, steph and will do and we always go over to their apt. and play when we are in st. louis. I haven't played the tennis yet.


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